• Heaven in your Eyes4:47
  • No other Angel3:44
  • Dead of Winter4:03
  • Angels Cry (demo)4:55
  • Session Sick in '965:32
  • Marching Out!2:22
  • Sail to Sunset4:02
  • The Anger Inside3:55
  • How Its Gonna End 5:47
  • Welcome the Pain2:04
  • Unruly Bastards3:12
  • Out of the Darkness2:57
  • The Final Insult3:22
  • Heavens Wish4:33
  • Hell Driver (demo)3:33
  • Lost in Time7:07
  • The Haunting2:17
  • Child in the Dark3:35
  • TIMELESS - Acoustic Jam `967:14
  • Interview with Jules IV5:02
  • Shirley J. Wise on Piano0:45
  • In Labyrinth2:24

   Eden (Paradise of God)   -  Myrrh (Suffering)     e'dan - mur

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Announcement - Nikko will be doing a live Interview with Pepe Reyes. On March 11th at 3pm Central -1pm Pacific. The Radio station - Concierto Hit. Which is broadcast via Mexico. This opportunity is greatly appreciated. Click on the link below to listen...Cheers!

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