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A Journey in Music - Book

     A prototype  - Hardcover 10x10. Its very well put together. I designed a 33 page hard cover 10x10 book about my 30yrs of playing & bands.  Currently I`m working on it completion.  Heres a small example. In late 2017 I`ll have copies ready.    



2017's   UPDATE on Recording this summer.


            I`m glad to announce that all songs are now worked up and ready to track. We start in a few weeks. Next is finding the right permanent Vocalists to finish the songs. I have Trent Oleksuik is back in on Bass. I have chosen Guy Anthony to play drums As well the guesting musician is;  Darren Z - Guitar.  

           I know this has taken time. A lot of it out of my control. Its been a rocky road getting committed musicians. As well, its ALOT for one person to do. Now that were in the tracking phase, its going to come together quick.