A story of Friendship, Musical collaborations & never ending determination. 

 Eden Myrrh in 2018 is finishing  recording & moving into a touring band.


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   1984-87 - My name is Nikko. I started at 12 playing music. First drums, alto saxophone, then at 15 I bought a MANN Jazz Bass. I was steering quickly towards guitar. So on Oct 31st 1986 I bought my first at Hi-Fi Express. Its a Metallic - Red Series A that I still own. It started in 1983, I really got into guitar players/sound. Robbin Crosby, George Lynch, Murray/Smith, KK Downing & Brian 'Too Loud' Macleod, were some of my favs. Buying guitar mags, I began learning music.

   1988 - Todd & I met 30 Years ago, on December 28-1987 at Hi-Fi Express in Williams lake, BC. Our first jam was on January 3rd. When we first met, we were just learning how to play. Some of this was captured on TIMELESS. We both had Series A guitars, his was Metallic Grey. Its funny to look back now. When we first met we didn't really get along. However jamming & drinking 18yr old Whisky seemed to help. Cruising around in my car. Living off 7-Eleven Burgers... remember those? We built a lasting friendship. Just being teenagers and enjoying our youth! Cranking up our favs, Savatage, Yngwie, Vinnie Moore. Todd's favorite guitarist was Jake E. Lee. In mid Jan we went on a trip to Prince George. Met up with Katya and hung out for the weekend. During this time we wrote our first 3 songs. They were 'Marching Out, Valiant & Odyssey'. During this time Todd had begun showing signs of Schizophrenia. We talked about what he was feeling. Neither one of us knew what he was dealing with. Remember this, as it would surface off and on over the years. Still I found a true best-friend I could relate musically too. Then in April Todd left for the coast. He had gone to Vancouver to get help. I didn't see him again till July 1989. So I just kept playing on my own. I moved from WL to PG that May of '88. Met and partied a lot with good people. Friends till today.

   1989 - I began learning more cover songs. I moved from Prince George, BC to Winnipeg, MB in June. In July Todd came out. We jammed a lot. Met a lot of cool people. Really started focusing on what we would like to do musically. Still at this point we were learning, watching other bands play. Meeting new people in the club scene.

   1990 - A year that could be best forgotten about. It was a struggle with work. Todd came out in February and we hung in Winnipeg & Dauphin. In June I went to Baker Lake NWT for work all summer. After I came home, I bought my 1989 Vantage Black Net guitar. I ordered Metal Method from Doug Marks and learned my Theory.

   1991 - In early January I went back to Williams Lake to work with Todd on a job. The job fell through. You hear a lot of these times caught on audio in TIMELESS. A few weeks later we had decided on a name. EDEN MYRRH was born. It was good to see old friends, but there was nothing there for us musically. So we packed up and went back to Winnipeg. We got ourselves a place at 8 - 457 Young Street. We played a lot of guitar. Drinking our Extra Old Stock, weed & pepperonis. On March 6th, we went to see Iron Maiden with Anthrax. Then on March 14th we got tickets to the WWF Wrestling show. What a awesome time. Jules would come visit often. We bought pedals, 4-track etc. In April we recorded the E.P. Released on cassette May 16th. We began working with a drummer, who was Rob Gladstone. A good guy and beater of the skins. However, he moved to Toronto shortly after we met. By July we had moved to the Unicity area. Todd wanted to head back to BC. We had started recording E.P. II. He had helped with the first few tracks. The Haunting was the main one we did. Then left in August. Not on bad terms. I finished the recording. Releasing E.P. II on cassette October 31st. The next week I was working in Rude n' Nasty.

   1992 - On February 10th my daughter was born. My life was changing and I was enjoying being a father. I was also writing a lot of music. In April I started working on the road as a Gas broker. Money was good but my family life was falling apart. On June 18th, Todd came in from BC to Winnipeg. A few days later we left on a plane for Toronto. Back to work. From there we hung out in Kingston, Cornwall, Brockville. On June 25th, we had started writing a concept story called 'Welcome to Reality'. That evening we were staying in the same hotel as Lee Aarons band. Had some good laughs with those guys. On June 28th we decided to cruise from Buffalo, NY and continue on to New York City. Just to say we were there. Listening to music and just talking about life. I really enjoyed that trip. At the time though, Todd wasn't feeling well. By the time we hit Ottawa in August, Todd was miserable and decided to head back to BC. I continued on to Windsor, where I began working with other musicians. Met a lot of friends till today. What a great time! A lot of great shows and memories. 

   1993 - In late May. I moved with my work to Hamilton. That's where I had begun work on the Instrumental art work. Todd was eager to get out and begin recording. He was still in BC and was composing song ideas. We met up at my house in July, and recorded till mid August. During this time I got a call from friends in Windsor. Unfortunately in July 1993 Wayne Coombs was killed in a accident. Good friend and guitar player. I put a remembrance in the 'Interview with Jules III'. At the time Todd was playing a Aria Pro II Cardinal CS 350 (blue). All we had was a Vestax 4-track machine. Our plan was to make a demo to shop around. After 3 weeks the self-titled EDEN MYRRH was done. Released on cassette August 13th. We recorded 'Unruly Bastards' and rehearsed for a week. Then off to Hamilton where I bought my BC Rich - LA Series. Unfortunately the work we did wasn't happening for Todd. So he grabbed a box of cassettes to sell and went back to B.C.

   1994-96 - My job in telecommunications had shifted to Calgary & area. I spent some time in Vauxhall. Todd came out that summer. We had a great time just hanging out. He had bought himself a white BC Rich - Warlock bass. He loved playing it. Then in early '96 I moved to Edmonton. Todd & I were sending cassette tapes back & forth writing Dark Acoustic songs. Savatage released Dead Winter Dead, it was always playing. Todd settled in Kelowna, BC. with his fiancée Donna. Clint was a good friend of his and lived in the area. The songs on INSURRECTION darker acoustic based songs. Plus a few rockers.  

   1997 - I began recording in MIDI City Studios with Denise R'ockell. Todd & I talked all the time. He was really content and happy. I went to Kelowna a few times to hang with my friend. He finally had found where he belonged. I was really happy for him. I remember a few times visiting, there were these Vietnamese buddies he had. They lived in the area. We'd have a good jam and they loved the music. Great Memories...    

   1998 - I made a trip to Portland, Oregon to visit family in late '97. I met up with a few musicians looking for a guitarist. We talked over the course of a few months and in March I moved and played in Midnite Serenade. I still came back to work on Denise's solo effort. As well as stop in and visit with Todd in Kelowna. We were listening alot to Savatage - Wake of Magellan. Writing much more heavier songs at this point, thus ...AND FIRE FOR ALL MY FRIENDS. In the middle of August, the Portland gig ended. I headed out to work in a camp. running equipment in northern Alberta.

   1999 - I needed to regroup and make money. Get some stability in my life. Too much moving around since 1992. So I began the year working up in Conklin, AB on a pipeline project. Then I moved to Edmonton and got a apartment. Todd came out 3 times over the year and we began working on our song ideas, we had created over the last 4yrs. This period of time hanging out was fun. This is captured on TIMELESS.

   2000-01 - I began working on the Drilling Rigs. Todd came out in April and we moved to a Apartment on 82nd st. A nice, huge pad. All redone. The only problem was that Todd missed Donna. Shortly after he left to go back to Kelowna. I couldn't blame him. I could see he wasn't happy.  We decided to put together TIMELESS. A collection of the 'Behind the Music' cd set. It was our 10yr Anniversary idea. Todd came out again in October 2001. This happened to be our last visit. It was a tough time for both of us. Our conversations weren't as optimistic as they were, a short time before. Still we had a good visit. Getting ideas on artwork for TIMELESS together. I was going to go to Kelowna for Christmas. However it didn't work out.

   2002 - In January I had talked with Todd about a web-site. He liked the idea, however he was a bit down. So I had started on it. We were both into the newest Savatage - Poets & Madmen album that had just been released. Then on the early morning of Febuary 9th - 2002. I got the shock call of a lifetime from Donna saying Todd had passed away in his sleep. It was also my 32nd birthday. I went to Kelowna. Seen Donna and went down to his musicroom and brokedown. The next day I went to the funeral. One thing that happened I didn't expect was his father (who had been hard on us over the years) came up to me and gave me a sincere hug. After the service & after everyone was gone. I went to see my friend. I picked up one of his guitars. Said my peace and goodbye. Then went back to Edmonton. I felt dead inside. I packed up all my equipment and took it to my house. I shelved TIMELESS. I worked Oil Drilling Rigs for 2yrs. In June, my favorite guitarist Robbin Crosby also passed away. I then chose to be alone & disappeared from the world.

   2004-07- By Feb, I felt that I needed to go home. I needed to connect with my daughter & music. I had been gone too long. So in September I moved back to Manitoba. To the house I had bought in 1993. I was rebuilding my passion for music. However family matters would take time to repair. On August 13th - 2006. I opened Eden Myrrh's first band-site on Myspace. I was proud of it. I spent countless hours getting it right. people all over enjoyed songs, blogs etc. Until it got fucked over in July 2013. In the end, I was still happy that finally worldwide our music was being heard and enjoyed. The site was at 79,537 hits. 

   2008 - It was time to began. I started by re-mastering the original cassette version of Eden Myrrh for its 20th Anniversary. Trent Oleksuik of DragonFyre on (Bass), helped me give it new life. I kept all the guitars from the 1993 recording. I added missing B-Sides, mastered & printed in 2013. As well the E.P. got mastered for (discs 1 & 2) on the box set called LOST ANTHOLOGY.   

   2009-10 - I finally talked with Donna (Todd's fiancée) in early February. We had our differences, but still we had made peace. Sadly on February 16, she passed away. She had been sick for alongtime. I`m not sure what happened with Todd's Jackson RR & equipment. It really was the end of a chapter. In 2010 all my legal family matters ended.   

   2011-14 - On August 13th I released TIMELESS for our 20th Anniversary. Including 4 tracks not on our original edit. It went over well with fans and I had made new ones. Our old friends really appreciated it. Copies are still available. In 2012, For the next few years, it was tough to be motivated on music. As my mother was sick with cancer. I went to Portland, Oregon to visit as much as possible for her last years. As well visiting friends & old bandmates. While visiting in Feb 2014, I met my mentor in music, George Lynch in Portland, Oregon.  Sadly my mother passed July 17th - 2014. I miss her dearly & our long talks.  

   2015-17 - I was lucky enough to find the guitar that Todd used exclusively. A rare Jackson JRR - 94 Concept. The Concepts were only in production for one year (93-94). I spent the rest of the year doing everything I could in pre-production on a handful of 5 new songs. During this time a few attempts were made at recording drum tracks. These individuals could NOT cut it. Time wasted! Then finally.... in late July 2017, we began recording with Guy Anthony. 

   2018  Since working with Guy, recording went smooth. All the Drum, Bass & Guitar tracks were completed in May. The vocal guides are being recorded and currently we are searching for a vocalist. The package being worked on is a 4cd set/with booklet that covers writing from 1988 - 2018. Plus extras on each cd for its time period. Its going to be called LOST ANTHOLOGY. It will commemorate 30yrs of composing music.  A lot of history being put in a package I'm very proud of.   

    **** In life there, are those that believe in what your doing. Those that will undermine it. Just Believe in yourself. You only live once, so live it your way.

                                                                                             For the rest that don't, FUCK'EM...! 


                        What I know for sure is that for me.... I'm back on my musical Journey!

                                                                                   ☆ ★       CHEERS!